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Innovation, excellence and team work.

Shelbourne Development has earned a reputation as an innovative developer by bringing talent, skill, responsiveness and excellence to every aspect of real-estate development.

Garrett Kelleher started the residential and commercial development company in 1987. Today Shelbourne has development projects in Ireland, continental Europe and the U.S.

Teams in Dublin, Europe and the U.S. consider hundreds of projects every year. They act on the best: they’ve done their homework. Collectively, the teams use their knowledge to ensure deadlines are met and developments are successful.

Shelbourne gives the word innovation new meaning -- from the Chicago Spire which promises to redefine the renowned Chicago skyline by 2014, to regeneration projects across Ireland and Europe. The company has used its eye for functionality to turn tired 70’s buildings into highly acclaimed new office space and bring new life to urban areas with residential and retail developments.

With offices in Europe and the United States, Shelbourne is led by a team of professionals who are focused on every element of a project. They understand all the variables in a marketplace: from trends, to prices, to the lenders and agents who can make the vision a reality. They know because it’s their business to know.

Shelbourne’s holistic approach to real estate development brings vertically integrated teams to each project. No aspect of any development is taken for granted. The company's collective abilities come from experience, agility, dedication and skill.

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Dublin, Ireland