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Shelbourne Development brings together the energy of talented professionals from Europe and the U.S. Each member of the team has something in common: a drive to see results. They realize part of development is being able to understand risk and all its variables: the market, the people, the finances, the players.

Teams in Dublin, Europe and the U.S. consider hundreds of projects every year. They act on the best: they’ve done their homework. Collectively, the teams use their knowledge to ensure deadlines are met and developments are successful.

Garrett Kelleher
The Executive Chairman of Shelbourne Development, Garrett Kelleher, is recognized as an innovative and driven property entrepreneur. He built that reputation from the ground up – starting his career in Chicago as a subcontractor renovating run-down apartment buildings. Regarded as a shrewd negotiator and a bold decision-maker, Kelleher has consistently generated superior returns from his investments.

His latest project – the Chicago Spire - promises to redefine the renowned Chicago skyline. In Ireland, Kelleher has a number of projects at various stages of development with a gross area potentially in excess of 4 million sq. ft. The projects will roll out over the next 5 to 7 years.

Moore St. Mall
Dublin, Ireland